Best wedding gift idea for 2017

Best wedding gift idea for 2017

You need the best wedding gift idea and you don’t have one and don’t have a clue where and how to start. The line goes somewhat like this, so your best friend is getting married, there is no wedding list of gifts  and you want to give her the greatest gift ever…  Now it is very common for brides and grooms to leave a wedding list in specialized stores or on blogs or  web sites. This is quite practical for grooms,  brides and also for the guests, who do not run the risk of giving repeated gifts or not knowing what to buy.

Best wedding gift ideas

Traditionally wedding gift ideas are many such as: kitchen stuff ? money? nice picture?  something for the house?  A gift can range   from a painting to a fridge or to anything you can imagine… it can be complicated.

What about something really different? give a special dinner ticket but to be used in 5 years from the wedding date. It will probably be a bit difficult to find a restaurant that can do that but it is the staring point. Why? because you are telling your best friend that you believe the commitment that they are doing  will be strong and beautiful still in 5 years. Or a vacation using the same frame of mind: a vacation for the first anniversary.

Be complicated!

What about a exotic ceramic plate made in Japan ?


or something practical ?


FlyingColors Laguiole Steak Knife Cutlery Set made in France


Or art ?



Don’t give gifts, give great lasting and future making memories

I guess all material things that we give are important, but when we give people that we love an experience that is REALLY GREAT!!! For sure a ticket to go to a Spa will also have the same effect. ….it doesn’t need to be expensive. Gifts  can be very creative: horse riding for example… you will give an opportunity for the groom and bride to experience something new and create memories.  The journey that they embark on is a journey of memory creation so give  a gift with deep memory potential. If you are  not in the future to share the moment you will be the one creating the memory.