Elie Saab $300K wedding dress design

Elie Saab $300K wedding dress design

Elie Saab’s $300K wedding dress design from the 2016 collection, it is not short of a dream… yes it is a dream of a dress. But what is really a wedding dress? It is when 2 people tell the community that they are in love and want to spread their love with a party and friends. … ok,  I guess the majority of us will agree with this statement. And the wedding dress? Long time ago it was a statement that the bride was a virgin (white color in western societies)….today it is your opportunity to use what makes you happy, what make you fell beautiful.

Eli Saab $300K Wedding Dress

 Elie Saab $300K wedding dress

We see thousands of brides to be expending endless time and money to buy a dress that is the fashionable one but not the one. Do you know the one? The one is your dream, that ONE that you  create an immediate smile in your face… not the one that you try to try but doesn’t say anything to you.  …but is the fashionable trend of the season. So before anything else think : who are you ? What is your life style ? What are your values?

Close your eyes for 5 min and see your dream dress……after that go ahead. You know what you are looking for your special day.  Here is an affordable dress you might like.

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