Wedding Jewellery my best friend!!!!

Wedding Jewellery my best friend!!!!

Jewellery can be used as something sacred or profane, it can be made of plants, bones, stones, glass, animal skin, feathers, shells, wood, semi-precious and precious metal materials too.

Why we use jewellery? To express ourselves  in a non verbal way, showing political views, religious believes, showing case wealth and affection towards someone, to show power and beauty . In time of war Jewellery was the most used currency and up to now still is in various cultures around the globe. So jewellery is a complex love affair.

Blue-White-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-14k-Gold-080-ct-tw-0Blue & White Diamond Wedding Ring

Egyptians, Indians and Chinese maybe the first ones to developed and improved the knowledge and techniques in making jewellery. India was really the first, that made a connection with jewellery – it is part of daily life and religion, also refined the art of  working with gold. After  it took a long time for European countries to get to the same level of development; the crusades opened doors to other realities enabling the flow of new knowledge, and then came the renascence bringing to the table new style and vision about jewellery. We had to wait for years and years to pass by until we reached the industrial revolution that again brought new techniques and styles – at this point jewellery was part of daily life in Europe too…. yes the aristocracy had it for a long time but not ordinary people.

Do we need an excuse to buy jewellery?

  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s
  • Graduation

Wedding Rings

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The  jewellery list for presents  is immense, and on top of that,  the desire to look good  is fundamental.

Ornamentation is fantastic to please the eyes of the beholder but there are also other functions: we need symbols, we need rituals and jewellery plays an important part, from the wedding ring to the medals for a soldier that came back from war; from the feather ornamentation at a  tribal ritual in the Amazon rain forest to the diamonds of the  Queen of England – jewellery plays a role….  It doesn’t matter if is for protection, for beauty, to obtain good fortune, for recognition, to seal a deal, look deeply and you will find jewellery somewhere to symbolize almost anything.

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