Naked wedding cakes for 2017

Naked wedding cakes for 2017

Naked wedding cakes, how naked can  your cake be!

How cakes became part of a wedding ceremony?  I read that in the ancient Roman wedding ceremonies ended  by breaking a cake of barley  or wheat over the bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune. …I guess through history a wedding cake was a way to bring good luck to the couple and the guests?

Today  the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the whole ceremony and people spend a lot of time thinking about it… flavors, colour, fruits, chocolate, icing, etc. So many people these days are allergic to nuts, fruits even flour…. yes a wedding cake demands time and thought.


Simply naked wedding cakes

Why not simplify this with the naked wedding cake ? Yes no icing, not artificial colours, simple textures, natural decoration (flowers for example). The naked wedding cake can be delicious and beautiful. Just one more idea that you may want to add to your wedding cake list.

A good sample of naked wedding cakes can be found on Pinterest, check these great examples of naked wedding cakes:

Naked Wedding Cake

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