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Sex Toys and their place

Still a bit uncomfortable for a lot of people to talk about sex toys… Sex toys still are not very visible in most online stores and are still   delivered in a very discrete way.  So I guess this means that there is still a lot of taboo about them but over 50% of women are use them. This increase in sex toy usage is a huge difference from the 60’s or 70’s where only 1% would use them and those women that did were the “ crazy and hysterical ones”,  so it was said.

To clarify sex toys are not only for single people…  Couples use them too for various reasons, either to open the door of exploration, fantasy or break out of the bedroom routine and boredom.

Women and man use sex toys for masturbation…. and it works fine, more than fine it seems  :).

People with any type of sexual dysfunction use them; lonely people also use them too.

There is a large range of sex toy products from dildos to vibrators and any thing that will make your imagination go wild. As long there is consent between adults, what happens in bed is nobody’s business. Actually having a healthy sex life is essential in so many ways: it lowers stress levels, it improves your immune system and it  makes people happy and feel good!. One of the biggest challenges of our time is isolation and how this pushes people towards suicide and the use of heavy and destructive drugs.

So sex is beautiful, healthy and above all a normal body need… just like eating or sleeping. Enjoy your toys.

Have fun !!!!

From as low as $ 12.95 – Sensual Massage Oil w/ Pure Lavender Oil – Relaxing Almond & Jojoba Oil – Women & Men – 100% Natural Hypoallergenic Skin Therapy 8 oz. – USA Made

Dildo - Sex Toys

From as low as $8.90 – Sexbaby G Spot Vibrators for Women, Female Masturbation Orgasm Vibrating Jelly Dildo

From as low as $3.90 – Women’s Lingerie, Underwear Sheer Lace Frenum Strap Hot Bra

Background of Sex Toys

Sex toys started to be around for over 3,000 years…  and maybe even before… today it is a 15 billion industry. Saying that is not difficult to assume that your best friend uses, your boss… think about it.

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