Valentine or Lupercalia?

Valentine or Lupercalia?

Valentine’s day or the Lupercalia  ritual?

February 14, the magic day… but do you know how this tradition started ?

There are a number of stories about St. Valentine: the priest that married young couples or the priest that saved Christians from  horrible deaths at the hands of Romans. Yes, the story of St. Valentine started in A.D 270 and of course there is a possibility that St. Valentine’s day was created in order to replace the pagan celebration of Lupercalia (a pagan fertility ritual).

Much later the date was associated with the birds mating season and that is how the idea was associated with love.

Nowadays children give each other valentine’s cards at school and it is estimated that 150 million cards are sent on this special date. This date looses only to Christmas season in terms of cards.  The Valentine’s card can be exchanged among friends, family, co-workers and of course amongst lovers too.  From cards to gifts was a very small step and then from gifts to elaborated dinners was even a smaller step.


Valentine gift ideas

What do we associate with love?

Love has some very  distinct associations  such as: a smile, walking in the rain, romantic music, movies, flowers, candles, poems, and of  course chocolate, lingerie and as well  as wine and much more. Deep down it is still the same pagan fertility ritual.

This ritual of pagan origins,  is  a great idea because in the middle of a cold February when we can’t take winter any longer, we all  need  a break and put some spice into our lives. Take advantage, we still have at least three more months of winter, Canadian winter…



Who is your valentine? If unsure start working on it.

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