Wedding Flowers or Wedding Fruit?

Wedding Flowers or Wedding Fruit?

From the bride’s bouquet to the venue decoration wedding flowers are an important element in weddings.

I read that brides started to carry flowers since the 1600s, it was a way to mask body odors…  at that time showers were not part of the daily routine. Today  flowers are everywhere: in the wedding cake,  in the venue decoration, bouquets, in the groom’s suit…..

Flowers are beautiful and inspiring but they can be very expensive too, so to start budgeting it is good think local… exotic wedding flowers will be at least three time more expensive that local ones…. like food you can choose flowers at are seasonal too…. or use fruits and vegetables.   Fruits and vegetables? Use fruits and vegetables that are local and seasonal. Yes, the use of fruits and vegetables are a bit different but the result can be breathtaking… even in a wedding.

A vibrating table need only imagination, play with colours, play with taste, with different smells.

Even a bouquet  can be done using vegetables and fruits, and again the result is fantastic.

You can use apples, oranges, artichokes, strawberries, all sort of berries….the list is endless.

When you use wedding flowers there is an  issue  the comes up just after the weeding is over… what you do with all the flowers after the ceremony? For sure you will try to save some and maybe dry them, but there will be others that you can’t dry.   You can donate most of them… to a hospital, a seniors home, a shelter, a school…. any place where people will appreciate them. Yes this is a great way to spread your happiness around even with people you never meet.

But if  you use vegetables and fruits in your wedding you can eat them and give them to the guests as a takeaway.  Eat them !!!! nobody will ever forget your special day .